Famously known as The Island of the Gods, Bali births flourishing artists. Arts displayed on almost in any corner of Bali, paintings, carvings, silvers even garments. From the rice paddies to the pristine beaches, the scenery in this lush green paradise is a true inspiration to all artists that ever visit Bali. Local artist has enormous advantages living in Bali, enjoying the daily lives, savoring its cultures and ceremonies that can only happen in this small but rich island.

Margi House of Fine Art is located in Jimbaran, midway between the famous Kuta Beach and Nusa Dua. Only fifteen minutes drive from Ngurah Rai Airport. This painting gallery housed a local painter collection by the name of Nyoman Sukadana, the name Margi was taken after his late aunty. His paintings ranged from naturals, impressions to abstracts. Most of his paintings are portrayals of the Balinese common life. The canvas becomes the medium of his passionate imagination and creativity.

The Bali Painting is categorized into the following eight categories :

1. Bali Painting Abstract.
2. Bali Painting Action Painting.
3. Bali Painting Animals.
4. Bali Painting Dances.
5. Bali Painting Flowers.
6. Bali Painting Others.
7. Bali Painting Panorama.
8. Bali Painting People.

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